Welcome to COM 520: Seminar in Media Studies
1.Introductions: Our Love-Hate Relationship with Media
2. COM 520 syllabus F 2016
3. What to Expect from this Course #COM520
4. Generating Questions about Mass Media, Digital Media & Popular Culture
4. Theoretical Frames for Media Studies
Social media returns us to our roots





Historical & Methodological Perspectives. How has mass media been studied by academic scholars?

Select any 2 to read and after reading, share your response in a 90-second comment on the Flipgrid. In the fashion of a graduate seminar, listen to the comments of those who precede you in the conversation and acknowledge someone’s point before developing your own ideas.


READ: Iquani, Mihita & Anna Feigenbaum. 2015. “The (Inter)disciplinarity of Media Studies: Pedagogical Challenges and Opportunities from the Perspective of Teaching Staff.” Journalism and Mass Communication Educator 70(3), 286 – 306.

READ: DeFleur, Melvin. 1998. “Where Have All the Milestones Gone? The Decline of Significant Research on the Process and Effects of Mass Communication” Mass Communication and Society 1(2), 85 – 98.

READ: Johan Fornäs, 2008. “Bridging Gaps: Ten Crosscurrents in Media Studies.” Media, Culture and Society 30(6), 895-905, 2008. http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/0163443708096811.

READ: McPherson, Tara. 2009. “Media Studies and the Digital Humanities.” Cinema Journal 48(2), 119 – 123.

READ: Livingstone, Sonia (2012) “Exciting Moments in Audience Research – Past, Present and Future.” In Helen Bilandzic, Patriarche, Geoffrey and Traudt , Paul, (Eds.) The Social Use of Media: Cultural and Social Scientific Perspectives on Audience Research (pp. 257-274). ECREA Book Series. Intellect Ltd, Brighton, UK.

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  1. The term “Digital Native” is something about which I’d like to hear more – especially from my younger peers in class. Last semester I read a few articles about the “myth of the digital native” (as the terms / notion / assumption relates to composition instruction and student writing). I do hope we get the chance to explore that this semester.

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