September 14


  1. Flipgrid comments on the readings for this week
  2. Media Studies in the News
  3. Deep End of the Pool: Renee’s notes on the readings
  4. “They Say, I Say”  Tradition in Research
  5. Preparing for LEAP 1
    1. Selecting a Key Scholar/ Theory: Claim your choice on the Padlet Wall
    2. The Power of Curation
    3. How To Make a Screencast with Screencast-o-Matic
    4. Screencast-o-Matic: Make a screencast with a partner and post it here
  6. Digital Annotation Tools: Mendeley
  7. Twitter as a Research Tool



DUE: LEAP 1, posted to your blog/website

READ:  Hobbs, R. (2006) Multiple visions of multimedia literacy: Emerging areas of synthesis. In Handbook of literacy and technology, Volume II. International Reading Association. Michael McKenna, Linda Labbo, Ron Kieffer and David Reinking, Editors. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (pp. 15 -28).

READ: Hobbs, 2016. Exploring the Roots of Digital and Media Literacy Through Personal Narrative. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

Read the introductory chapter and a minimum of 6 other chapters – you choose. Be prepared to lead discussion on one chapter of your choice. Send a minimum of 3 tweets to summarize, comment or synthesize key ideas that you encounter, using the hashtag #COM520.

1 Historical Roots of Media Literacy
2 David Weinberger on Martin Heidegger
3 Lance Strate on Marshall McLuhan
4 Dana Polan on Roland Barthes
5 Cynthia Lewis on Mikhail Bakhtin
6 Srividya Ramasubramanian on Gordon Allport
7 Michael RobbGrieco on Michel Foucault
8 Gianna Cappello on Theodor Adorno
9 Douglas Kellner on Herbert Marcuse
10 Henry Jenkins on John Fiske
11 Amy Petersen Jensen on Bertolt Brecht
12 Donna E. Alvermann on Simone de Beauvoir
13 Jeremiah Dyehouse on John Dewey
14 Renee Hobbs on Jerome Bruner
15 Vanessa Domine on Neil Postman
16 Peter Gutierrez on Scott McCloud
17 Susan Moeller on Roland Barthes






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