September 28


  1. Your encounter with Eddie Bernays
  2. Renee’s Reflection on Flipgrid commentary
  3. The Legacy of Bernays’ Propaganda
    1. Understanding Bernays in Historical & Cultural Context: Create a Podcast 
    2. Definitions of propaganda
    3. Walter Lippmann: The Manufacture of Consent
    4. The Ethics of Propaganda: Suffragette trailer
    5.  Connecting Bernays and film clip to LEAP 1 scholars
  4. Feedback on LEAP 1 (Email)
  5. Review of criteria for evaluation LEAP 2: News Media Connection

NO SYNCHRONOUS CLASS ON OCTOBER 5. Complete all work below independently instead of attending our class session.

Analyzing Contemporary Propaganda. How do virality, sponsored content and big data affect the distribution and nature of propaganda in a global world?

1. Digitally Annotate a Text: 

2. Play and Read:

3. Curate & Connect. Choose one one of the following articles to read. After reading, find one piece of related online content and upload it to the Curate and Connect Padlet Wall, making a brief written description of the resource and explaining how it connects to key ideas from the reading you have selected.

4. Participate in our Social Media Community. Tweet a minimum of 5 tweets between September 28 – October 12 to reflect on your reading and scholarly learning in #COM520 or to share other relevant information and ideas.  Be sure you have a minimum of 100 people that you are following on Twitter so that you can learn from many experts in the field of media studies and communication.

DUE: October 4. LEAP 2: Make a News Media Connection

NOTE: We’re back together F2F on Wednesday, October 12.





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