Wednesday, OCTOBER 12. This class met in a virtual F2F session via an online seminar room:

Agenda for Wednesday, October 12

  1. Reflections on LEAP 2
  2. Review Padlet Wall on Contemporary Propaganda
  3. Contemporary Propaganda: How ML Videos Pull Back the Curtain
  4. Discussion/Debate: Can Media Literacy Protect People from Propaganda’s Influence?
  5. Introducing the Research Apprenticeships Collaborative Process
    1. Get the big picture: Using an encyclopedia of media, information & communication
    2. Identify key scholars and key works: Google Citation
    3. Write a Precis (LEAP 3)
    4. Focus on making a unique contribution: develop methods
    5. Get something done (with feedback and idea sharing from the whole class team)
    6. Use “They say, I say”  to connect your new work to previous work
    7. Develop a written report to the instructor
    8. Reflect and offer feedback on the performance of yourself and your peers
  6. Review expectations for LEAP 3: Compose a Precis


Mind Over Media Cynthia and Francesca

Celebrity – Girls  Isabelle, Annabelle and Tori

AT&T Policy – Business Christine and Gregg

AT&T Ad Analysis Eric and Kelly

Digital Literacy  Sam and Nani


Critical Analysis of Social Media I. How does political economy shape people’s use of social media platforms?

READ: Van Dijck, The Culture of Connectivity, Chapters 1 – 4 (pps 1 – 88)

A> Be prepared to describe and comment on how the author uses these concepts:

  • Isabelle: public and private
  • Sam: ecosystem
  • Annabelle: ownership, governance, business models
  • Kelly: interoperability
  • Francesca: actor network theory
  • Cynthia: platforms
  • Gregg: connectivity
  • Eric: sociality
  • Christine: political economy theory
  • Tori: technology
  • Nani: users and content

B> Identify one powerful quote that resonates with your experience and one that troubles or disturbs you and be prepared to share it with the class.

C> Make progress on your Research Apprenticeship & be prepared to report your progress



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