November 2, 2016


  1. Results of  our In-Class Non-Verbal Bias Study
  2. Research Apprenticeship – status reportMind Over Media Cynthia and Francesca  / Celebrity – Girls  Isabelle, Annabelle and Tori  / AT&T Policy – Business Christine and Gregg / AT&T Ad Analysis Eric, Sam and Kelly
  3. YouTube Connections: Padlet Wall for Chapter 6
  4. Review Flipgrid and key ideas from the chapter
  5. Key ideas for VanDijck, Chapter 6
  6. View and Discuss: “YouTube Cult”
    1. Activity: Annotate Video
    2. Activity: Compose audio comments 


Wikipedia and Scholarly Communication in Media Studies. How is the Internet changing the nature of knowledge?

READ: Van Dijck, The Culture of Connectivity Chapter 7 (pps 132 – 153)

READ: Hargittai, Eszther & Shaw, Aaron. (2014). Mind the skills gap: The role of Internet know-how and gender in differentiated contributions to Wikipedia. Information, Communication and Society 18(4): 424 – 442. PDF

*****OPTIONAL READING: Wadewitz, Adrienne, Geller, Anne, and Beasely-Murray, J. (2010). Wiki-Hacking: Opening Up the Academy with Wikipedia. User: Wadewitz/Teaching Essay. Wikipedia. Online:

*****OPTIONAL READING: Weinberger, David. 2008. Chapter 10. Everything is Miscellaneous. New York: Macmillan.

After reading, compose two responses (one for each reading) and post to our Muut Discussion Board. Please read the comments of others who have posted and reply to at least 2 participants.

MUUT Discussion Board

DUE NOVEMBER 9: Research Apprenticeship. Cut and paste your work to the Google Doc here. You may also post to your course website.

Mind Over Media: Francesca and Cynthia

ATT Ad Analysis: Sam, Kelly and Eric

ATT Business-Policy: Christine and Gregg

Girls and Celebrity Culture: Isabelle, Annabelle, Tori

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