November 9, 2016

  1. Reflections on Research Apprenticeships
  2. Wikiality by Stephen Colbert
  3. Take the Wikipedia questionnaire
  4. Review  Hargittai and Shaw research using Hypothes.is digital annotation
  5. CREATE a Top 10 List: What Everyone Needs to Know about Wikipedia
  6. Introduction to Wikipedia: what’s missing here?
  7. Review key ideas from Chapter 7 and work collaboratively to create a precis for Wikipedia
  8. Teams analyze and discuss the “Talk” about Wikipedia entries on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
  9. Perspectives on NPOV
    1. Reflections on NPOV by Jimmy Wales
    2. Images and the NPOV by Johan Jonsonn
  10. What Can We Agree On? Obama on Media Literacy
  11. What questions does this chapter raise for you? How does the study of Wikipedia relate to our exploration of media literacy? How does the study of Wikipedia relate to our exploration of propaganda? How might research be used to address these questions?
  12. Review expectations for LEAP 4 and Final Paper/Project


Empowerment and Protection: Why do people alternate between optimistic and pessimistic perspectives on media?

SURVEY: Complete the Research Apprenticeship Feedback Form

VIEW: David Weinberger, “The Future is a Platform” (see below)

VIEW: Three-Minute Theory: “What are Societies of Control?”

READ: Van Dijck, The Culture of Connectivity Chapter 8 (pps 154 – 199)

After reading, compose two responses and post to our Muut Discussion Board. Please read the comments of others who have posted and reply to at least 2 participants.


DUE: LEAP 4: Reflective Essay, Nov 30

DUE: Ignite Presentations, Dec 7

DUE: Final Paper/Project, Dec 14

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