In LEAP 4, the reflective essay, you identify and summarize some key ideas from the course and reflect on your own learning experience, using a combination of language, images and multimedia to synthesize ideas.

PART 1. Reflect on what you have learned in this class this semester by summarizing, analyzing and synthesizing key ideas and information. What ideas were most interesting and important to you? What connections between ideas and information can you make?

PART 2. Then, reflect on your participation in this course. What are you noticing about how you are learning in this class? How are you applying ideas from the readings and course learning experiences to your own life?

Since you are sharing this reflective essay as a blog post, you are expected to use a combination of language , images, sound or multimedia as part of your creative expression. You must tweet a link to your multimedia essay using the #COM520 hashtag. Length expectation: 1200-1500 words (5 – 7 pages), posted to your blog.

Criteria for Evaluation

1. I have summarized, analyzed and synthesized key information and ideas from the readings and other course materials and explored connections between those ideas.

2. I have reflected authentically on my learning in this class, considering the strengths and limitations of my choices and strategies as a learner.

3. My essay is well-written and informative, thoughtful and reflective. It offers an authentic first-person point of view in response to both the content and learning process. The grammar and spelling are perfect and I have incorporated some form of multimedia expression.

DUE: November 30