Find a news story about the mass media from the recent past that relates to the course readings and summarize, synthesize and comment to develop a distinctive point of view. 

DUE: October 5

Process and Content. Find a relevant news story from the recent past that addresses an issue connected in some way to the readings so far in #COM520. In your work, summarize the news story and make some meaningful connection to ideas you encountered in the readings. Your work must include a hyperlink to a source from the New York Times or The Economist for this project, but you may use additional journalistic, multimedia or social media news sources as essential resources for this project.

Format. Compose your work by making a choice between the options below. You are free to select from among these choices of format but you must post your work online on your own website.

Options: Academic paper  | Blog post  | PPT Slides  |  Screencast  |   Podcast audio   |  Animoto video  | Storify social media  | Animation video  | Histry timeline

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. You’ve selected a current news media story that’s relevant to the readings and provided a connection to your own professional or personal interests, background and life experience.

2. You have summarized the news story for readers who are unfamiliar and offered a synthesis that connects the news story to some ideas in the course readings and discussions. You use summary, paraphrase and direct quotation to reflect the ideas of others. You express an informed opinion and offer a unique point of view about this news story.

3. Your work exploits the affordances of the format you have chosen. It is posted on your own website by the deadline and you have shared the link with the instructor. You use hyperlinks to link to original source material or academic citation as appropriate to the format you choose.



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